By David D. Hambleton

                                     ET1(SW)        USN

                                     March 23, 2000

I am here to learn.

I am here to work.

I am here on time.

I want to be taught.

I need encouragement.

I want to feel your arm around me,

guiding me along the way.

I sometimes need a kick. 

Please boot me up.  Don't stomp me down.

I strive for quality.

I organize my job and myself.

I plan.

I communicate.

I listen and take notes.

I crave your respect.

I am flexible.

I know my role - or ask that it be explained.

I set challenging goals

in keeping with our mission,

and I achieve them.

I want your protection and correction;

not your condemnation.

I need the training, the tools, and the time

(which I creatively and ethically pursue and acquire.)

 And my job will be done.

I am a faithful servant and a worthy steward.

I serve with honor, courage, and commitment.