by David D. Hambleton

April, 2001


In the quiet of the night when you're sitting all alone

By the fire with a cuppa and a big cranberry scone

Let your mind go to the place where we meet to be as one

To explore our hidden glories and to share a little fun


Remember with me how we are and how we get when we're together

Dancing to the great musician bound by our love's guilded tether

As our bodies sway and rock imagine what you do to me

And how you feel wrapped in my arms, Baby, we can be so free


Write it down, send me a letter, telling me what you would do

With me, your loving man, if I were there with you

In your sweet way let me know what we could do this night

In the way of bringing pleasure, whether kiss or hug or bite


Let your thoughts go to desire, let it flow out of your pen

As you dabble in delight, dealing with your wants and then

Let me know how I can help you bring them out when I get there

Use this time when we're apart to make us stronger as a pair


I live just to fulfill you, to bring you all the joy I can