Envy The Cat His Tail

   by David D. Hambleton










  nvy the

cat his tail

Wispy  and

long but not


Wending away to a twitch

at a slow lackadaisical pitch

easing  to the  right, then left

of expression it  is never bereft

straight up in question-mark loop

sauntering  past the chicken coop

laying flat with a scant tip-end  flick

at bird  feeder the  better lunch to nic

laid low crouched in brush on the hunt

stiff whisk'rd watching mouse's new runt

ready to straighten  with purposeful  flair       tail.

and balance the pounce through the air      his

wrapped warmly round satisfied paws      cat

from freeze until after spring thaws      the

its excellence none can assail... Envy