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Sophia - The Hottie!
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Our Chambers 61C
Sophia was a "Good Kitchen" range.  She was in the upstairs kitchen and used only for special occasions and holidays by her matron, a woman who raised a family outside Chicago.  She bought Sophia new in 1952, and only began using her for day-in, day-out cooking about five years ago when she wasn't well enough to go downstairs much anymore.  The past two years she has been out of service as the matron went to an assisted-care facility.  Her children had just recently renovated their kitchen, and so sold the stove to us from her estate.
"Cooks With The Gas Turned Off" (CWGTO)
Chambers ranges are famous for their insulation, allowing one to heat them up and let them cook on retained heat.  Earlier models ran on propane, but the "C" models like ours were convertible to be used on natural gas or propane. 
Idle Hours Cookbook
Sophia came with a cookbook that shows times and formulas for CWGTO.  It specifies to what temperature to heat and for how long, and then how long (minimum) to leave the dish in the oven for complete cooking. 
The ThermoWell is touted as the original crockpot, with its array of aluminum full (7qt) pots, double-boilers, half- and third-pots made by Wearever.  It cooks soups, boils potatoes, heats deep-fryer oil, and even bakes pies with its ThermoBaker rack.  You can even cook your oatmeal by heating it in the evening and letting the ThermoWell pilot light simmer it overnight
The Rangetop griddle lifts with the turn of a handle to expose the broiler/grill.  You can grill a steak or toast bread right on your rangetop without having to stoop to inspect.

Gas Latches
All Chambers ranges have thumb-latch safeties on their gas valves to prevent inadvertent turn-on.
You don't have to bend to inspect your grill contents!

Green Cooking
Saves Gas
CWGTO uses only a fraction of the fuel of a conventional stove.
We feel great about finding and reutilizing something old, keeping it out of the waste stream and getting great return on investment compared to newer stoves.