Chambers Range
Marilyn - The Hottie!
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We could have bought just about any stove, but we chose a 1952 Chambers
I found it on Craigslist, and we drove over and got her the week before Thanksgiving.  The nice man from whom we purchased it and I loaded her onto the trailer, and Wifey and I (with a little help from some passing plumbers who were installing our hydronic radiators) hustled her up the back steps of our 1903 Victorian house the next day.  I ran in the black pipe from the house's gas service that evening, and the next morning we were cooking with gas!  (And "Cooking With The Gas Turned Off"!)  The robins egg blue roaster arrived the day before Thanksgiving, and we whooped up a 24lb bird for Mom, Dad, Sis, Wifey, our four kiddos, and myself.  The old 'lectric Kenmore now sits across the kitchen with its burned-out burner holding pans and awaiting a trip to the basement or Goodwill.  Good riddance!
We looked hard at gas ranges, and couldn't find any at Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, or our local appliance showroom that really captured our imagination or seemed like decent value for our money.  "Marilyn" has raised one family already, and should serve wonderfully to feed our four (or maybe more) kids and us for another fifty or so years.