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1.  The purpose of the Tagout System is to:


A.            Ensure the chain of command is informed of dangerous work

B.           Provide standardized measures to ensure safety of equipment and personnel

C.           Ensure workers run back and forth a lot in the name of safety

D.           All of the above


2. PMS provides each ship or station with a simple and standard means for planning, scheduling, controlling and performing planned maintenance on all equipment covered by PMS.


A.            True                             b. False


3. Which of the following is used to inventory MRCs:


A.            ALID            b.  LOEP                c.  MIP                    d.  MDS


4. Which of the following contains explicit (exact) step-by-step procedures on what to do, how to do it, how often to do it, tools required, and safety precautions to follow?


A. EGL                    b.  MIP                    c. TGL                    d. MRC


5. Which of the following is used to list different locations when several pieces of equipment must be maintained using the same MRC?


A.  EGL                   b.  PMS                  c.  MIP                    d.  TGL


6. Which schedule shows all the checks above weekly periodicity, including situational requirements that have been accomplished?


A. Cycle                  b. Weekly               c. Monthly              d. Quarterly


7. What computer program does LA SALLE use for maintenance data systems?


                a. Snap                  b. Passport           c. OMMS-NG         d. Micro-PMR


8. When may steps in the procedures section of an MRC be omitted, deleted or altered by the work center supervisor.


A. When directed by TYCOM

B. When he/she feels that they do not apply

C. When division officer says that it is ok

D. Never


9. Who is responsible for reviewing an MRC prior to each maintenance action?


A. 3-M Coordinator                              b. Department head

C. Division officer                                                d. Maintenance person

E. Work center supervisor


10. A maintenance person may skip a step on an MRC if they feel that it does not affect the overall performance of the equipment.


A. True                                                   b. False


11. MIPs are listed by SYSCOM Control Number on the:


A. MRC                   b. LOEP                 c. SFR                    d. ALID 


12. The Work Center PMS Manual (43P1) contains which of the following:


A. MIP                     b. LOEP (PMS-5)                 c. List of changes

D. All of the above


13. Where should you look for a listing of the tools, parts and materials required to perform scheduled maintenance?


A. Weekly schedule                                             b. NAVSEA technical manual

C. Maintenance requirement card                   d. Equipment guide list


14. If using red tags for tagging out equipment, what form must be filled out along with the tag?


A. TIM                     b. LGL                    c. TORS                 d. TGL


15. How many items can be listed on one EGL?


A. As many as there are lines for.

B. Only as many as can by accomplished in a week.

C. Only as many as can by accomplished in a work day.

D. Between two and six depending on the requirement.


16. All the maintenance steps must be completely performed in order to have the check completed (X’d off) on the weekly schedule


A. True                   b. False


17. If a safety discrepancy is noted during performance of a PMS check, which of the following actions should you take?


A.       Finish the PMS check

B.       Stop the check and bring the matter to the attention of your work center supervisor

C.      Avoid the problem, but accomplish the check the best of your ability without hurting anything.

D.      Fill out a type “a” (administrative) feedback report followed by an OPNAV form 4790/2k with the safety block marked for correction of the problem


18. When is a requirement with a periodicity code Q-1R accomplished?


A. Only when required

B. Only once a quarter

C. Once a quarter and when required

D. Only when Q-1 can not be accomplished


19. Who is the 3-M Manager for the ship?




20. Who is the ship’s 3-M Coordinator?




21. What is the acronym for the navy’s occupational safety and health manual, used fleet-wide for all maintenance functions?




22. What is the SPMIG?





What do the following acronym’s stand for:


23. EGL                                 __________________________________________

24. MRC                __________________________________________

25. LOEP               __________________________________________

26. MIP                   __________________________________________

27. MSDS              __________________________________________

28. MDS                 __________________________________________

29. PMS                 __________________________________________

30. TORS              __________________________________________

31. 3-M                   __________________________________________


32. LA SALLE’s PMS program falls under which of the following instruction’s cognizance:


A. OPNAV 4790.4c


C. PACLANT 4790.4a

D. Both a and c


33. What is a work candidate and what is it used for?




34. What is a MSDS and what is it used for?






35.  _______ is the name of the manual for tag outs.


36.  State the process for validating a maintenance requirement card.


Check the change page to the _________ to the _________ to the _________.


37.  What is the purpose of a PMS spot check?






38.  What is the function of a danger tag out?


A.                 To keep the equipment from operating

B.                 To ensure the equipment remains in a set state for safety

C.                Prevents use of vital systems

D.                Keeps systems operating in a specific, certified condition.  Can only be violated with Department Head’s approval


39.  When completing a PMS check, the Maintenance Person informs the Work Center Supervisor.  What must be done to the 13-week Accountability Log?


A.               Work Center Supervisor informs the 3M coordinator, who signs the log.

B.               Maintenance Person places an X over the periodicity code and signs the log on the pertinent line.

C.              Work Center Supervisor places an x over the periodicity code and signs the log on the pertinent line.

D.              Maintenance Person places a circle around the periodicity code and signs the log on the pertinent line.


40.  What are the two major parts of the 3M system? _____ and ______.