3-M Maintenance and Material Management

ACN Advance Change Notice

ACR Allowance Change Request

ADM Administrative Data Management

ADP Automated Data Processing

AEL Allowance Equipage List

APL Allowance Parts List

ASG Afloat Shopping Guide

ASI Automated Shore Interface

ATIS Advanced Technical Information System

AWR Automated Work Request

BUMED Bureau of Medicine

CAGE Commercial and Government Entity Catalog

CASREP Casualty Report

CD Compact Disk

CDM Configuration Data Manager

CDMD-OA Configuration Data Manager Database Open Architecture

CD-ROM Compact Disk – Read Only Memory

CNET Chief of Naval Education and Training

COSAL Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List

CNO Chief of Naval Operations

CPU Central Processing Unit

CSMP Current Ship’s Maintenance Project

DFS Departure from Specifications

DLR Depot Level Repairables

EGL Equipment Guide List

EIC Equipment Identification Code

FBR Feedback Report

FEDLOG Federal Logistics

FLTCINCs Fleet Commanders in Chief

FR Force Revision

FSCM Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers

FTSC Fleet Technical Support Center

GDAPL General Distribution Allowance Parts Lists

HAZMAT Hazardous Material

HMIS Hazardous Material Identification System

HMUG Hazardous Material User’s Guide

IEM Inactive Equipment Maintenance

IGL Isolation Guide List

INSURV Inspection and Survey

ISIC Intermediate Superior In Command

IUC Intermediate Unit Commander

JCN Job Control Number

JSN Job Sequence Number

LIRS Line Item Record Sheet

LOEP List of Effective Pages

LSD Logistics Support Data

MA Maintenance Action

MAMS Maintenance Assistance Modules

MDS Maintenance Data System

MILSTRAP Military Standard Transaction Reporting Accounting Procedures

MILSTRIP Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures

MIP Maintenance Index Page

MR Maintenance Requirement

MRC Maintenance Requirement Card

MRMS Maintenance Resource Management System, formerly Intermediate

Maintenance Management System (IMMS)

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet

NAVICP Navy Inventory Control Point

NAVSEALOGCEN Naval Sea Logistics Center (Navy Maintenance Support Office


NAVSEASYSCOM Naval Sea Systems Command

NSDSA Naval Sea Data Support Activity

OIC Officer In Charge

OMMS Organizational Maintenance Management System

OMMS-NG Organizational Maintenance Management System Next Generation

ORM Operational Risk Management

PMR Periodic Maintenance Requirement

PMS Planned Maintenance System

QDR Quality Deficiency Report

RA Repair Activity

RAD Revised Alternative Dataflow

RIN Record Identification Number

ROD Report of Discrepancy

RPPO Repair Parts Petty Officer

RSG/MCC Readiness Support Group/Maintenance Coordinating Center

SCLSIS Ship Configuration and Logistics Support Information System, replaces

Ship Equipment Configuration Accounting System (SECAS)

SDIF Standard Database Interface Format

SEF Ship's Equipment File

SEL Selected Equipment List

SFM Supply Financial Management System

SFWL Ship's Force Work List

SMS System Management Subsystem

SNAP Shipboard Nontactical Automated Data Processing Program

SOEAPL Summary of Effective Allowance Parts Lists

SOMS Shift Operations Management System

SPAWARSYSCOM Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

SPMIG Standard PMS Material Identification Guide

STEP Shipboard Training Enhancement Program

SUD Ship's Unique Data

SWAB Ship Work Authorization Boundary

SWLIN Ship Work Line Item Number

SYSCOM Systems Command

TFBR Technical Feedback Report

TGL Tag Guide List

TORS Tag-Out Record Sheet

TRS Tag Record Sheet

TYCOM Type Commander

UM Unscheduled Maintenance

WC Work Center

WCS Work Center Supervisor